Bloggen, useful for notaries?

The answer: Absolutely!

Usely when thinking about social media we only think of Facebook and Twitter, but simply blogging can be an excellent communication tool for notaries. A blog is in fact the perfect medium to share knowledge, to demonstrate expertise and improve interaction with web visitors (ie potential customers). In addition, it can lead to more visitors to your website


'What should I write about?'
This common question keeps many of from starting a blog, but there are always topics: fanciful subjects, practical case studies, current issues in the media, developments in the field of notarial issues or requests from clients.
But you can also write about what inspires you as an expert, why did you chose to become a notary and what drives you. In short, plenty of topics to write about.
And if you still have trouble with "blogging", you can always turn to a lyricist as a ghostwriter.


Attract more visitors to your website
As previously mentioned, a blog can attract more visitors to your webite. Google takes into account currentness of web content; your website will be better ranked when you structurally publish new and relevant content. By regularly posting a new blog, you are creating new content. If you also speak on current events and use certain keywords, then Google will rank your website even better.


Blogging is an accessible way to communicate with your existing and prospective clients. So do not hesitate to strike an informal and personal 'tone of voice'. Try to empathize with the client; what is really interesting to read and valuable to share? Then you will be certain to write relevant blogs and create repeat visitors and potential new clients. Because after all,  in this digital era it is true: who writes remains!



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